Magic Dwarf Run
This warrior dwarf has places to run and crystals to smash Keep the dwarf running for as long as possible, smashing as many crystals along the way as possible, without falling into a gap or running into a pile of rocks!

Magic Dwarf Run Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
24-04-2018 19:20:39 K4D3N B33M 10,641
29-09-2022 15:49:50 ArcadeGuest 4,011
29-09-2022 13:57:45 Aluminatae 3,880
08-04-2018 09:13:03 henning 2,288
Game Title Magic Dwarf Run
Play Count 3940
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » 2017 Games
Scores 4
Current rating 0/5

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