101 Dalmatians Card Battles
Construct the longest line of rescued puppies. This is accomplished by bidding for either a Puppy card or a Cruella De Vil card as it is turned up from a draw pile. With a hand of numbered bidding cards the players bid simultaneously as each card is turned.

101 Dalmatians Card Battles Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
05-05-2023 10:19:33 ArcadeGuest 7,420
31-12-2020 00:10:08 Aluminatae 4,330
20-12-2022 11:41:18 Tasos 10
Game Title 101 Dalmatians Card Battles
Play Count 6757
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » Different games
Scores 3
Current rating 0/5
Favoured 1

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