Mahjong Negativ-R
Mahjongg solitaire (also famously as 'Shanghai') is a very captivating, but also relaxing play. The purpose is to remove possibly many stones. The stones may be removed only in pairs and must be alike. Only stones can be selected which are 'free, i.e. no other stone may be on the left, on the right, or about that. This successful version contains a view mode 3D, different stone designs!

Mahjong Negativ-R Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
08-11-2022 21:52:00 caisili 77,100
26-09-2022 11:08:26 Aluminatae 75,160
05-03-2019 09:17:36 Sternchen0116 64,900
15-11-2018 19:41:49 henning 59,820
06-10-2022 15:34:01 ArcadeGuest 53,460
08-08-2021 13:52:07 Tasos 4,380
Game Title Mahjong Negativ-R
Play Count 4605
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » Different Games 4
Scores 6
Current rating 0/5
Favoured 1

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