Hong Kong Phooey Mahjong
Remove as many tiles from the game board as possible by pairing up sets of two out of each group of four matching tiles.<br />Tiles can only be removed by matching pairs that have either the left or right side open. Any tile that is blocked on both the left and right side by other tiles -or by having a tile on top- cannot be matched and removed You can use the HINT button to see what matches can be made, but this will cost you 25 points.

Hong Kong Phooey Mahjong Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
02-03-2019 16:59:19 caisili 7,954
07-02-2019 13:38:11 Sternchen0116 7,002
11-04-2020 22:53:10 henning 6,730
Game Title Hong Kong Phooey Mahjong
Play Count 2879
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » Different Games 3
Scores 3
Current rating 0/5

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