Kazoo Ball
Kazooball is a fast and frantic puzzle game of color-matching in a never before seen-way!Shoot the colored ball from your platform in the direction of the correct colors on the impending snake of colored doom! The timing of your shots is crucial in Kazooball! So is lack of color-blindness really.

Kazoo Ball Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
24-06-2024 13:35:49 ArcadeGuest 17,790
15-06-2024 10:11:45 Aluminatae 7,140
24-06-2024 17:57:07 akeo 5,510
17-12-2022 21:53:33 Tasos 20
Game Title Kazoo Ball
Play Count 6076
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » Different games 2
Scores 4
Current rating 0/5

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