November 2017 contest

Trying out a new contest, good luck.

Total Slots: 100
Slots Left: 97


Start time: 31-10-2017 14:09:46
End time: 30-11-2017 14:09:50

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Games in this contest
Game Name Game Description
Urban V Legend Extreme
An arcade fixed style shooter from the original Urban V Legend series Act 1 the Hotel sub-game. Select from 3 different weapons (Handgun, Shotgun and Machinegun) and fight your way through the level gaining points on each kill and weapon you use.
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The Pot Clock - Strange Hard
Everytime you pot a ball the timer resets,failure to do this will lose a life. In Strange mode,you will have many types of ball to deal with, and many different power-ups. Take a look at the bottom of the game screen to find out their characteristics.
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Flower Blast
Click on similar tiles to clear it from the grid. Try clear the grid before the time runs out.
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Money from the Sky
Money from the Sky
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Magnet Towers V2
Move your mouse to stack pills of the same color into a tower. Click the mouse button to create a tower fusion.
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Crystal Connection
Click with your mouse to join any 2 matching tiles. connect the 2 tiles with a straight line of 2 or fewer corners.(side by side is good,too&#33;) If you make a good match,the tiles will fade away. If you match all the tiles,you win the level.<br />If you select the stage or style, please click restart
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Pod Blaster
Shoot Down Enemy Pods While Roaming Through Deep Space.
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Magic Gem Multi
Remove the coloured balls before your opponent
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