FireStarter 2

Aliens have launched an attack, and are sending asteroids and alien ships to take over. The constant barrage of asteroids has caused the oceans to rise and flood the land.
You have gathered 2 of each animal into your ship in a last
effort to stop the aliens and save life as we know it. The only other person with you is a strange girl who possesses strange powers and can help you by upgrading your ship.Beta Version contains 6 complete levels with 5 bosses.

FireStarter 2 Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
04-12-2012 11:51:18 james 2,730
10-07-2015 06:56:18 TasosP13 2,580
01-11-2013 09:15:38 lemerj 2,370
03-12-2012 13:04:34 frende3 1,070
03-12-2012 10:47:12 henning 150
08-12-2012 02:53:51 magne 150
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Game Title FireStarter 2
Play Count 1265
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » 2012 Games
Scores 6
Current rating 0/5

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