Crystal Connection
Click with your mouse to join any 2 matching tiles. connect the 2 tiles with a straight line of 2 or fewer corners.(side by side is good,too&#33;) If you make a good match,the tiles will fade away. If you match all the tiles,you win the level.<br />If you select the stage or style, please click restart

Crystal Connection Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
01-08-2020 22:44:15 ArcadeGuest 153,710
20-03-2019 23:15:20 henning 8,970
15-03-2019 01:02:01 caisili 4,330
24-03-2019 18:41:26 Sternchen0116 1,660
Game Title Crystal Connection
Play Count 7328
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » Different games 2
Scores 4
Current rating 0/5
Favoured 1

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