Desert Storm

Fight in the name of the Black Helicopter! You've got guns, missiles, and more missiles to take the enemy down. Don't let your copter fall victim to their suicide pilots.

Desert Storm Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
08-05-2023 22:13:03 ArcadeGuest 3,700
27-11-2018 21:04:43 henning 1,150
16-08-2021 14:56:44 Tasos 500
Game Title Desert Storm
Play Count 7353
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » 2014 Games
Scores 3
Current rating 2.5/5


0 # frende3 03-06-2014 23:26
Desert Storm Scores TOK HIGH SCORE , skjedde ikke noe med poengene i konkuransen

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