Blow Up Time Trial Easy
The aim of the game is to clear the board from the coloful balls. You can shoot with the ball that appears at the bottom of the board. Having aimed with the mouse cursor to the wanted place, click left mouse button and the ball will fly. Collect 3 or more balls of the same color and they will burst up! There is a thermometer under the playing board. When it shows " Hot" one more row of balls adds on top. Do not allow balls to fill the playing board till the bottom otherwise you will loose.

Blow Up Time Trial Easy Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
06-01-2019 20:50:46 caisili 37,800
20-05-2021 16:55:54 gospelsang 31,580
16-07-2022 21:16:16 Aluminatae 8,540
06-01-2019 19:11:44 henning 5,460
15-08-2021 09:07:56 Tasos 280
Game Title Blow Up Time Trial Easy
Play Count 4415
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » Newer Games
Scores 5
Current rating 0/5

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